The illusory and fascinating dregs of pre-historic cultural ruins at Hampi are just enough to cast aside all worries from your mind. With the land entrenched with mystical buildings and architectural edifices, Hampi shines with a noble tag of being a UNESCO world-heritage site.

At Hampi, every turn you take gifts you a new surprise, something new to ponder upon. The charismatic rockpiles, and what remains of archaic temples spread over miles of undulating terrain will surely leave you speechless. The place attracts your attention at the very first sight of vast stretches of boulder-strewn hills gleaming brightly in the sunshine.

Located in the north of Karnataka, within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara, Hampi holds over 500 monuments and cultural tourist attractions, and it is a onerous task to have a sojourn in a day or two. It’s not just a cynosure in the eyes of culture-enthusiasts, but it is also a religious stopover. Some of the famous temples which encompass the mysterious land of Hampi are;

  • Achyutaraya Temple
  • Virupaksha TempleVirupaksha Temple, Hampi Market - Castles In The Sea
  • Badavi Linga Temple
  • Chandramauleshwara Temple
  • Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy Temple
  • Hazara Rama Temple
  • Krishna Temple
  • Vittala Temple
  • Underground Shiva Temple
  • Yantrodharaka Anjaneya temple

The ancient town features the structures from monolithic age, and thus leave a deep impression on a visitor. Being so vast and entrenched, it might be really perplexing to decide where to start from. For a good start, one could start his voyage from the Hampi Bazaar or the southern village of Kamalapuram, which gradually opens the pathway to the ruins.

Kadalekalu Ganesha Statue - Hampi Market | Castles In The Sea

Hampi Bazaar | Castles In The Sea


Hampi is a bag full of treasure for a connoisseur. You’ll be astounded to visit a temple that amazingly stands 3 km down the road – Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy. The inner walls of the temple are an object-de-art, depicting very peculiar and fascinating motifs of marine creatures. The carvings and inscriptions of the ancient time on the walls of Hazarana Rama temple depict the story of the Hindu epic Ramayana in a very interesting manner.

Virupaksha Bazar vijaya nagar | Castles In The Sea

The ornate frescoes from the Hindu religion added up with the acres of lush garden further enhance the beauty of the place. The Vittala Temple is surely going to make you go crazy! The highly wrought and embellished stone rath (chariot) in the vicinity of the Temple truly mesmerizes the eyes. What adds up to the ostentatious architecture are the famous musical pillars.

The musical pillars at the Vijaya Vittala Temple - Castles In The Sea

The British wanted to check the reason behind this wonder and so they had cut two pillars to check anything was there inside the pillars that was producing the sound. They had found nothing but hollow pillars. Even today we can see those pillars cut by the British.

Hampi Rath Chariot - Castles In The Sea

Other major tourist attractions include The Watch Tower, Stepped Tank near the Underground Temple, Narasimha Vigraha, Lotus Mahal at the Zenana Enclosure, Tungabhadra River (from which the name is derived), Tall Carved pillars of the Saasivekaalu Ganesha Temple at Hemakuta Hill.

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