From our hotel balcony, the 167ft high massive Niagara Falls seemed charismatic, falling into the Niagara River. The whole view was captivating and comely. Acting as a boundary between Ontario, Canada and New York, the United States of America, the three falls – the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil falls, leave no stone unturned to exhibit the uniqueness of their beauty.

american falls

American Falls

Falls lie on the Canadian side, the American Falls lie on the American side, the two being separated by the Goat Island. The Bridal Veil Falls are the smallest and they too lie on the American side.

Renting a Falls view room would be a feather on the top of your hat. You would be experiencing the view of these falls directly from your room.The water gushing in and marauding the whole territory entices you to actually go near the falls and have a closer look. With the ‘Maid of the Mist’, you can cruise around and see how the falls plunge themselves, forming some of the most exotic views of the world.

Throngs of people get ready for this breathtaking cruise, and so were we, with our raincoats on, so that the falls plummeting hard against the river did not make us wet. Yet it was going to be a memorable experience, cruising around with this beauty all around, sailing between the U.S and Canada, connected by two international bridges.

maid of mist

A view from the Maid of the Mist. Photo Credit: Shef A

The Horseshoe Falls seemed literally horseshoe shaped, and were vivacious enough to raise mists against the boulders. We were greeted by the coolness of this mist, propelling water towards us, excitement galore!
In order to get a clear sight of this panoramic view, it is better that you catch a trip early in the morning. This way, you would be able to adore the view better, when it is empty and quiet, with the birds frolicking around and your boat purging through.


The Niagara River surrounded by cliffs and boulders. Photo Credit: Shef A.

What followed next, was something I often wish to see around. Rainbows have always been a symbol of the joy colors drive into our lives. We have always enjoyed the view of a rainbow nearby a sun, which gets hazed out by the rain. Never had I seen a rainbow so close to me, yet it was a perspective, a perception masqueraded by the falls. Yet it sprinkled a magical touch to the whole setup and the people around did approve, that this was indeed a lovely picturesque!


As the detour of the Niagara Falls completed, I now realized that I was out of my fairy tale dream and this was the kingdom knitting them up. Maybe this is the best way of separating two countries from each other, diversifying the very outlook of nature.

Well, if you think Niagara is only about seeing the falls then you are wrong. For there is a whole street, for revelers and foodies and gamers! Check out some of the best gaming centers, pizza points, movie junctures for kids….the list is endless, but yes, do keep a check on the next cruise, it wont be available at all hours of the day!
Niagara does not fail to provide its action late at night. If you seek to party, or end up clubbing with friends, then you could get a whole list of top notch clubs, pubs and what not! You could end up at one of the comedy clubs or the wine bars or you could groove to the beats of DJs! You could also go to laser shows and Falls view dance floors. Activities never end at Niagara.


Photo Credit: Shef A.

If you are lucky enough to be there on July 4(USA’s Independence Day), you also get to see the majestic fireworks from this end. Indeed a lovely view!
Niagara Falls is a place of immaculate beauty. It is a place you will never get bored of, where you will see the peace of nature on one end, and the cool party going crowd on the other. All in one place!