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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only once.”

- George R. R. Martin


If there exists a hobby which breathes a new life into you each time you pursue it, it is reading. To a reader, every book is a treasure chest of mysteries waiting to be explored. There is nothing more rewarding than turning the pages of a book and soaking in every little detail it has to offer. A true reader doesn’t need reasons to read; his or her passion is unbound. But to those who haven’t been exposed to the joys of reading yet, here are the reasons why it is one of the best hobbies you can cultivate in your entire lifetime:

Being the most obvious one, this one tops our list. The easiest and best possible way to increase one’s threshold of knowledge is to read. Be it history or science, travel or lifestyle, skills or literature, there is little that books can’t help you with.


Whether you want to add a few words to your vocabulary or are confused about which phrase to use where, all you need to do is turn a few pages. Books are not only a treasure trove of knowledge, but they also help to increase vocabulary and command over a language. As an added bonus, you can always end up learning a few foreign words and in turn, learn a new language.


There is no denying the fact that writing is a skill that always comes in handy; be it preparing an essay for a school assignment or penning down a small piece of poetry to impress your significant other. Reading not only paves way for writing, but also introduces you to the nuances and subtle uses of language which you would never know otherwise.


Reading means seeing the same world with a different set of eyes. It expands the horizons and widens the outlook. It also tends to make you less judgmental and more empathetic towards others increasing openness and approachability.


A better vocabulary, command over the language ,and good writing skills together make for awesome communication skills. Readers are articulate and analytical while presenting themselves and their understanding and tolerant nature makes them easily approachable. They also make better public speakers and orators.


Are the pending assignments, work pressure or deadlines increasing your stress levels? Then, worry not. Books are scientifically proven to reduce stress – only 6 minutes of reading a day reduces stress levels by almost 68%. Also, people who read before dozing off sleep more soundly than those who don’t.


Research has shown that ardent readers develop abilities to retain more information and are able to remember them for a longer period of time. Hence, the next time you think you are forgetting something, open a book and start reading.


Nothing increases concentration like finishing up a book. Reading 200 pages or more in a single go, absorbing what it has to say and processing all the information is not an easy task. For those who achieve the feat, your brain surely went through an up-gradation.


Imagination and reading always go hand in hand. With a book by your side and imagination as your guide; you can climb up the highest mountains, delve into the deepest seas and touch the most distant skies.


Reading also means that you can join a book club where you will get a chance to meet exciting people like yourself and broaden your circle. It also ensures that you never run short of topics to talk about when you are introducing yourself to a new person or trying to make a conversation with a person you hardly know. See, not all those who read are nerds.


Reading not only increases your horizons and knowledge but it also makes you a better individual. With the all-round benefits this hobby has to offer, it is no wonder that the people who read more, progress more.


Believe it or not, but with every book you read, you grow. Books teach you to laugh hard and cry harder. They give you the courage to pursue your dreams and explore what seems impossible and provide you with the stories of the past and the glimpses of the future. Reading takes you to every nook and corner of the world and introduces you to people you never knew existed and if that’s not enough, they also open the door to a wonderland which exists only in fantasies – safe, welcoming and forever new.

PS – Do not forget to tell us what the last book you read was – bookworms on the other side await your response.

Majoring in Physics, Manali has her loyalties divided between science and literature. A complete chatterbox, she has the innate capability of going on talking for hours on topics ranging from the best street food in the city to what exactly is wrong with the latest policy of the government. When tired with the dark and real outside world, she seeks refuge in her writings. She believes in being the change she wishes to see and has an opinion on almost anything and everything. Being an explorer at heart and a wanderer at soul, her deepest desire is to travel to every nook and corner of the world. To her, true love is a good book and a steaming cup of coffee.



10 thoughts on “11 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read A Book Today?

  1. Very true points. …:)
    Books are our best friends. ….!
    All the best. …:)

  2. Thanks Aditi ! Half Girlfriend is a nice work! But I don’t know why people criticize him for that. The masses he writes for, they love him. I don’t think a Rand reader will have CB on the same bookshelf but how is that his fault? The variation of reading interests amongst a large population is the reason behind it, as far as I think.. Anyway, Have you read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert ? If not, Give it a read too! :) :p

  3. (y) Manali Chakrabarty.. The non-readers need to know what they r missing out on ;) You have penned down everything so aptly :D can’t agree with u more :)

    Keep up the good work :)
    The last book read by me was Eat, Pray, Love.. Amazing book! It brought so many positive changes in me…
    Books actually r your best friends :)

  4. Bookshelves are the readers’ treasure! If you have your books then you don’t need to have any other friend, or guide! Strange that so many people prefer the tv-cerials to books for releasing their stress. Books provide a window to a whole new world! And if you are not an adrent reader and can’t read anything given to you, fine! There are all types of books, starting from fantasy to thrillers! Books also helps you to grow your imaginations and the power of observation, and make the world you are living in much more colourful!

  5. Thanks a lot Mitulika…:)
    This article is intended for all those who love reading and those who need to realize what they are missing on. Ways a book leaves a lasting impression on you at times. Thanks once again.

  6. Thanks a lot Ankita…:)
    Feelings completely echoed.
    PS- Bookworms always end up finding each other, no matter how weird the ways are.

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