“Why don’t you go on some shopping today?” Mr. Sharma puts up this question out of the blue. “I have some shopping plans, but you would be leaving for work, right?” She retorted. A decade of marital bliss, the lady of the house knew every possible movement and thoughts in the house. Mr. Sharma switches on the LCD, holding a steaming cup of chai (tea), all geared up to catch Team India’s first warm-up match of WC 2015. Young Rohan runs in crackling, “Mumma, shall I skip my school today, I am not feeling well.”

Mrs. Sharma, being the lady she is, catches the leash of the moment and adds up, “How about I also stay back and prepare some snacks while you both watch the world cup?!”. They all wheeze out of exclamation.

To say that cricket in India arouses passion like no other sport is surely an understatement. Cricket has always brought back fond memories. And when you talk of world cup, it acts like a single vibrant string that connects all Indians from different societies, races, castes and religions under one single roof. It hasn’t emerged lately, World Cup traces back its odds and ends in the pre-television era, with people craving just to listen to the commentary on All India Radio.


An Indian Cricket Fans Tries To Capture The Panoramic View


World Cup brings a very distinctive aura which is one of a kind. You delve yourself into bizarre things – Posting sassy memes on social networks, getting goose bumps the national anthem is played in utmost conviction, putting your entire life on hold so as to watch the match in real time (with minimal bathroom breaks), the adrenaline rush, shouting out loud in sheer exhilaration so that your voice gets hoarse for a week at least (which is worth the moment when your favourite player hits a hat-trick or the ball is struck outside the stadium!)


Fingers Crossed: Cricket Fans WC2015

Fingers Crossed: Cricket Fans WC2015


It is assessed that on the World Cup match days, over four hundred million people in the country are glued to their television. Needless to say, the list includes almost everyone – from ingenious entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, middle-class service men to vagabonds, teenagers and kids, the couch potatoes, the kitty partiers set aside their tasks and get glued to their television sets watching their favorite team play at stadiums around the world.

What adds up to the excitement is the India-Pakistan match on coming Sunday as the defending champions gear up for the head to head battle. Of all the World Cup matches, the one between these two nations, who have fought three wars, never fails to cause hysteria. Keep the war thing aside, and you could see them being used as platforms for peace talks. While millions would be bonded to their television sets to watch the world’s greatest cricket rivalry of all time, a plethora of Indians have already set their eyes at the Iconic Adelaide Oval to witness the electrifying game.


Indian Cricket World Cup Fans

The Spirit Of Togetherness: Indian Cricket World Cup Fans


Whether or not India wins, one thing that it sparks up is the ambiance of almost every single home. People gather to discuss over the captivating game, families and friends watch their favourite players stirring up the show, mums preparing lip-smacking snacks and the bouts of fun and amazement that follows every single shot of the match! It’s like the World Cup comes with a bang, trussed up with an air of fondness and enthusiasm. The whole world seems of no value except for the television set! The quiver of warmth that it brings to our home, with friends pitching in to discuss about the match, mums preparing hot snacks and luscious halwas (sweet dishes), and teens shrieking out of joy as the match proceeds – it’s truly mesmerizing.

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