Comparison of Lifestyle in America and India

Comparison of Lifestyle in America and India

Living in USA, could be in many ways different from Indian lifestyle. Be it relationships, culture, technology or society, both societies have their own ways and sometime they even contradict each other.

Family, Society & Relationships

The American society is very tolerant and accepting. One can live a weird lifestyle without fearing isolation from society. People from different backgrounds are accepted as they are. Talking about relationships and families, generally families consist of a father, a mother and 1-3 children. Most of the time, both the parents work and kids spend their time in school or with friends. After passing their high schools, most of the children shift to live on their own. They become independent and even their parents are not considered to be dependent once they grow old.

But, while Americans cherish individuality, Indians live in a completely different world. The Indian society practices their traditions and culture with their heart. A typical Indian family consists of many members; father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts and their kids, all live together. However, with the changing time, things have changed a lot. As more and more people are moving to urban areas, such traditions are fading. Generally, the elder male member of the family, often referred to as the head of the family, earns and the female members take care of the household and kids. The kids grow around them and once they become adults, they take a job or join the family business and after a few years they marry.

The Indian society might not be as acceptable as the American society but it definitely knows how to share love.

A Twist Of Technology

The lifestyle is not only different in terms of relationships and society, but they also differ on technological aspects. Like in India, a middle class person might not afford a car and after traveling in a bus for half an hour, he will be drenched in sweat. However owing a car is very common in America, mainly because the cars are very cheap.  But even if someone travels in a bus, getting tired because of discomfort is unlikely to happen. All of the buses are air-conditioned and so are most of the buildings in America. Life in America is comparatively very comfortable than that in India.


Although the two lifestyles are very different from each other but both have their goods and bads. And putting one over other would be an injustice. The matter is of mentality. For a person who wishes to enjoy his or her individuality and who wants to try different things, America is heaven. But at the same time, for a person who loves living in a social setting with their own cultural believes and being surrounded by people of similar mindset, his destination is India.