We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing, we set back the progress of humanityā€¯

-Rachel Carson(marine biologist)



Animal hunting has been a legacy. When early man craved for food, animals became his resort. Since then, the legacy has been carried forward. Every year billions of animals become a prey to man’s needs. Surely, hunting and poaching are two different things. Poaching is a criminal offence, as poachers employ illegal weapons for the process and even kill endangered species in this game of passion.
Inherently, both hunting and poaching are directed towards the same goal, for both hunters and poachers prey on innocent animals.
Dear killers, I am not trying to force any opinions on you. I know you are not oblivious of the pain of an animal. But consider the fact that though it might be pretty easy to walk over carcasses, you should realize what they go through.
These animals are killed by various methods- electrocution, butchery, suffocation in cages,drowning in hot water etc. etc.
Over 75 billion animals are killed every year, for the purpose of ‘fashion’ and getting money out it. Does it matter to you? If killing tons of fur bearing animals makes people improve their aesthetic sense, then what’s wrong? The only price we shall pay is the extinction of these petty creatures, an impact on our diversity.

The amount of waste produced every time animals are killed is tremendous. Animals are hunted and sent to slaughterhouses. The only repentance will be that this waste produced is going to have harmful effects on the environment.
Around 20 billion animals are killed for human consumption. One day, an important creature will cease to exist, and the whole ecosystem shall get disturbed. That day, human life too will get affected drastically.
Here are the statistics of some animal killing done this year:-


Animals Hunted

Number Of Animals Killed Every Year (A Rough Estimate)


Whether animals are illegally poached or hunted for food, clothing, ivory or pelts, experiments, religious practices etc., that doesn’t matter. The point is, these are acts that are not going to benefit anyone in the long run.
Dear killers, I am again not forcing any opinions on you. But a little perusal of these facts will certainly make you want to consider my appeal. Hope we can together take some steps, to save them, well indirectly, to save us.
They don’t deserve this, certainly we can try to make world a better place for them.




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