I know you might have leafed through a series of such articles, and perhaps their effect might have lasted for a day. My past experiences have been more likely. I have suffered from a series of failures. I have even attended several motivational lectures, from self-proclaimed public speakers to acclaimed authors like Chetan Bhagat.

It was almost 3 years when I ended preparing for an engineering entrance. The results were far from what I had expected out of my hard work. I felt like a retard, I stopped meeting people. People who asked me “How’re you?” felt as they were giving me a rough time. It was as if they were saying “You’re such a retard, you got nothing!”

Life moved on. As the time passed, I met people, I shared my experiences, and for the most part, I “generalized” my views. Joining the college, I got distinction on all semesters, passed with first position the class, and what I like the most – got a high regard amongst the faculty. Moreover, I got quite a lot of interns – my profile was featured all over the internship portal itself. I got a call from a journalist of a National Magazine to interview me. I’m not boasting myself. At times I found myself in a great reasoning – How could I be a cynosure of all the eyes, in spite of being unsuccessful at an exam which was the gateway to the college.

After a few weeks, I had answers. I was no more left with wavering questions. Based on what I thought as satisfying answers, I decided to blog about it.

Students having more skill and dexterity tend to perform well everywhere. Talking about employability, nowadays, companies aren’t seeking an adept candidate who is simply a nerd, avidly obsessed for a particular field, but they’re on a rummage for a candidate who is a jack of all trades. To succeed, as a desirable person you must be having a plethora of skills, and we need to invent novel techniques to make it achievable. The primary ways in which a you can succeed and have a promising future are;

  1. Writing Skills: It isn’t just enough to have technical knowledge at the present time. One needs to gain some experience before he actually feels snug sitting in the interview room! Doing summer or winter-interns in content writing and journalism can help. Read, read and perhaps read more. And as you read, you’ll have numerous options to write, and more to speak about.
  2. Presentation Skills: If you have lot of knowledge, say for instance you feel you’re great in coding but you don’t know how to present it, you’re no where! You must have an ability to reflect an ‘A’ when you have them on papers.
  3. Improve, Little Everyday: Don’t get impatient. Nothing can happen with a click of an eye. You need to improve yourself each day. Every night before you sleep, you must have something meaningful to think of, you must be able to satisfy yourself with the fact that you’re accelerating.
  4. Stress-Management Skills: Life never stops. It always moves on. This plays a vital role when you’re aspiring for a concrete employability. You can sharpen these by managing works in college fests, doing online-interns etc.
  5. Quality of a “Go-getter”: One needs to be able enough to perform well under minimal supervision; in short, s/he must be a “go-getter”.
Abhinandan is a part-time media and journalism professional and a passionate victim of wanderlust. Despite all his attempts to conquer the eclectic tastes of diverse cuisines, scenic views of deep valleys and panoramic mountains, he is still uncertain about his interests. He is a food lover, compulsive traveler, an enthusiastic writer, aspiring entrepreneur, ingenious web developer, and a mathematics-savvy guy. To make up for the credence of eternal optimism, he is skilfully blessed with boundless energy and an inborn penchant for new experiences.



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