I have lately got a new thing to hang on. From the fiery abyss of reading books on symbian phone as text files, then shifting to my tablet with a better ebook reader app – eBookDroid, and finally enjoying the luxury to read them on Kindle. I don’t own a Kindle but perhaps I would be delighted to receive it as a gift on my next birthday!

I have the Kindle android app since the day I bought the tablet, almost 2 years back.But I never dared to use it. A month back perhaps, I dared to click on that wonderful blue icon, and believe me, it was never that easy to leaf through the books! I was amazed to see the great balance of sophistication and simplicity. Not only the display was clear and user interface was as minimal as it could be, but the lines were really – what to call, – “crisp”. Today I thought to tell the world how nice it would be to own a Kindle. Although, I’m not an Amazon Sales guy or something like that, but I really appreciate the app they’ve build for Android. button-google-playHere’s my list of 5 reasons why you should consider buying a Kindle.

1. Kindle is a small thing.

It’s nothing sophisticated. It’s not a full-blown bag of features – It’s just the thing you need. You don’t have to worry about RAM while reading a book, or to worry about the battery draining due to background processes. It’s obviously a better alternative to holding a 1000 pages book, or Mahabharata, for instance. And then, It feels nice to hold it in your palm. Now that’s luxury, you know!

2. Because no man likes to get blind!

Tired of getting your eyes wet with tears ? – SWITCH TO KINDLE. The Kindle’s light weight makes it really easy to hold and read, and moreover, it’s backed up with Pearl technology e-ink  which is crisp, easy to read, and very comfortable for bookworms like me ( :p ).

3. I can’t see that damn thing >_< Kindle reading outsideReading on a bright sunny day is not an issue anymore – thanks to the makers of Kindle’s Anti-glare technology which makes it easy to read outside – on a bus-stop, stations and wherever you can think. The tablets usually have just Ambient light sensors which just adjust the brightness of the screen. This not only harms your eyes, but also drains the battery very quickly. Just imagine your tablet running off as you reach the climax of the story – You don’t want that to happen, right? (at least, not me!)

4. Zoom – No, I own a Kindle !

It’s really frustrating to zoom back and forth for reading a paragraph – especially on the books which have big margins. Before I met the Kindle, I used to use the “Auto-crop edges” feature on eBookDroid – which is the next alternative if you don’t own a kindle. Kindle supports .azw3 and .mobi formats specifically for use with eBooks, so that you can freely increase font size, line spacing, paragraph spacing, page layout, borders and margins etc. It also supports setting for Night mode and Sepia – which are quite appealing. Night mode makes it easy for bookworms like me to read inside quilt – especially in these days of November when it’s monkeys outside!

5. It knows what you need to see kindle for android, why buy a kindleImagine reading a Shakespeare play or The Norton Anthology Of English Literature, and searching for words on google typing “define ***”, or scrolling a dictionary time and again. It cramps the style, thwarts all joy of reading, isn’t it? The Kindle supports in-built American Oxford English Dictionary. Whenever you long press a word or a phrase, it shows it’s meaning then and there itself. I really loved this feature. You needn’t stow up a pile of dictionaries or thesaurus beside you, as you read. What’s more, it learns your reading speed (based on time spent on a page, counts the number of words) and tells you how much of time will it take for you to complete the chapter. It doesn’t eat up your battery, and requires minimal hardware to run. The bookmark feature is an added bonus – Just click on top-right and a bookmark slides in! (I liked the animation and tried it quite a few times! lol!). The annotations and highlight feature is perhaps the icing on the cake – Got a nice phrase you wish to remember and incorporate in your day-to-day life ? Just highlight it with a single long press. You can see all highlighted words and phrases in the book with two clicks, and can jot them down, or let them be where they are. Kindle stores them. You can even add your annotations – good for those who read literature and poetry.

Where should I buy my Kindle? It’s perhaps a great news that now Amazon has finally made Kindle available to Indians, so you’ll find it at all the current tech shops or online on Amazon India’s website itself, but before you get there, you must check which Kindle suits your needs. With comparison charts and a full list of features, at the Kindle Store, you can definitely know which one to buy. 

Abhinandan is a part-time media and journalism professional and a passionate victim of wanderlust. Despite all his attempts to conquer the eclectic tastes of diverse cuisines, scenic views of deep valleys and panoramic mountains, he is still uncertain about his interests. He is a food lover, compulsive traveler, an enthusiastic writer, aspiring entrepreneur, ingenious web developer, and a mathematics-savvy guy. To make up for the credence of eternal optimism, he is skilfully blessed with boundless energy and an inborn penchant for new experiences.



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